From our August 2012 Newsletter


Dear Fraternity brothers and sisters, we are celebrating St. Clare this year, a perfect time to reflect on her Franciscan lectio, the Gaze of Divine Lovers:

Clare counseled her sisters to waste time by gazing on and into the mirror of perfection; Jesus on the cross.

Look into His life, His words and actions and come to realize how much Jesus is truly your lover and you are His beloved.

Learn to gladly waste time in solitude with Him, a place without words, without prayers, saying nothing because here the act of time is the very essence of prayer. Let go of your own agenda, your spiritual agenda and just sit in the stillness and allow God to embrace

Imitate Christ to become what we love. We are little words spoken by God, invited to join the dance of the Trinity, the dance of life.

Becoming Jesus is how we take up our cross and follow Him; the foundation of our Franciscan life

Pax et bonum.

Pastoral Visit

Our Pastoral visit this year will be September 8. All members are asked to attend.

Change of Address

If any member has a change of address or phone number please let Marie Gilligan know so that she can update the phone and address list.


Please pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance in our upcoming elections on January 13, 2013.

Aug. Profession Anniversaries

Mary Ellen Gontaryk

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