From our March 2013 Newsletter

Our March Gathering

We will hold our monthly gathering on Sunday, March 10th, 2012 in Conway Hall. IMPORTANT: Please remember that we now gather at 12:30. And please try to get there a little early so we can begin on time.


Rose Benner was kind enough to take the responsibility of keeping our members list updated. Thanks Rose!

Communion Breakfast

Don’t forget, May will be our annual communion breakfast and it will be the first Sunday of the month instead of the usual second. We will, of course, attend Mass before a potluck breakfast. Details to follow in the newsletter and at the April Meeting.

Regional Elections

Please keep the Saint Katharine Drexel Region in your prayers as regional elections are taking place on March 16th.

Formation Information

Our March ongoing formation session will focus on Part 6 of the Cangelosi paper (Profession in the SFO: Gift and Commitment), “Profession and Eucharist.” You should already have the Cangelosi paper and if you were at the February meeting you should have gotten a copy of the handout with all the information you need to prepare. If you don’t have the handout or the paper but have web access, you can download them from this page on the fraternity’s website:

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