Secular Franciscan Rule in Card Format

Many Secular Franciscans seek to deepen their familiarity with and their ability to live our rule of life by focusing their attention on a single article each day. The usual method is to focus on Article 1 of the Rule on the first day of the month, Article 2 on the second and so forth.

In order to facilitate this practice, we designed a set of cards that can be used to display one rule at a time using a small easel, photo frame, or document clip (see below for photos demonstrating some ideas). Depending on what works best for you, these cards and be displayed on your desk, your bureau, your kitchen counter, your bedside table, etc.

To create your own set of SFO Rule cards

  1. Download this PDF (cards02.pdf),
  2. Print it double sided (flipped on the short side) on 8.5 X 11 card stock. Each set should have four pages with four double-sided cards on each. If the cards are printed properly, Article 1 will be on the back of the “cover” card and Article 3 will be on the back of the card that has Article 2 on its front.
  3. Cut the printed pages into quarters

I have sent this file to FedEx Office to be printed and they turned out well. It cost less than $4.00 for a single set. I’ve been told 30 sets will cost between $45.00 and $50.00. UPDATE: As of late April 2014, the cost of having 100 sets made by Staples has been quoted at $128.

Please contact with any suggestions or corrections.

Here are some ideas for using the cards:

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IMG_3654 380px

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